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Have questions?  Take a look at our Service Agreement below for an understanding about our policies and our work together.  Anything else, give us a call at: 201-638-9593.


Service Agreement: ("OWE" refers to Organizing With Ease, LLC):


a. Organizing services can be very personal in nature. All work performed by OWE is done in a patient, nonjudgmental, and respectful manner. OWE will hold all client information, business or personal, written or verbal, in confidence. OWE conforms to the written Code of Ethics for members of NAPO.


a. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, OWE agrees to provide organizing services at the property, including but not limited to furniture arrangement, organization, clutter elimination, and enhancement of processes using proven and creative organizing methods, and materials already owned or purchased by the client.


a. Session Fees: Payment for sessions should be made by check, money order, or cash at the end of each organizing session, or pre-pay according to mutual agreement.

b. Materials Fees: Client is responsible for paying for agreed-upon supplies (file folders, labels, storage containers, racks, etc.) necessary for the completion of this project. OWE may assist Client in shopping for the supplies.

c. Travel Fees: Client is responsible for any pre-agreed travel fees detailed on the proposal or invoices. Travel fees shall only be incurred if Client is located more than 30 minutes away from OWE.

Schedules/Cancellation Fee:

a. Schedules: Schedules shall be set by verbal or written mutual agreement between Client and OWE at the time of proposal agreement or anytime thereafter.

b. Cancellations: OWE requests that any cancellations or changes to scheduled appointments be made at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment time. Cancellation of a scheduled appointment within 24 hours of the appointment will incur a payment of one-half the scheduled session fee. Under extenuating emergency circumstances determined by proprietor, this fee may be modified or waived.

c. Client Presence: Client is required to be present during organizing sessions and to assist with the projects, unless another mutual agreement is made. It is very important that Client and OWE can focus on the session, therefore, Client should make arrangements for handling incoming phone calls, redirecting visitors, childcare etc. so that sessions are not interrupted.

Performance / Guarantee:

a. OWE agrees to fulfill the proposed services to the best of their ability, & strives to meet a 100% client satisfaction level.

Photos & Comments:

a. It is often helpful, for both research and tracking client progress, to take photos of the current state, when progress is made, and end results. OWE will ask you if you are you willing to have photos taken, and will only do so if we receive your approval.

b. OWE may ask for your approval to use your photos and/or your verbal or written comments/testimonials in marketing materials such as brochures, website, etc.  This is completely optional, and OWE will only do so if we receive your approval.


a. OWE will help organize paperwork, but is not a law firm, nor does it offer legal/tax advice, therefore assumes no legal/tax liability for the help in organizing such paperwork.  Please consult with your lawyer or tax professional for legal and tax help. 

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