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"I wanted to share how excited the girls were about the playroom...some of the things they said were, 'Somebody pinch me!...I love the table by the window!' and 'I can't wait to have my friends over so they can see this!'.  I already started moving on a lot of the solutions you showed me - - it's only going to get better in there!  I look forward to continuing our amazing work in the rest of our house.  Putting such thought into how we live and use our house, and designing well thought-out organizing solutions is positively addicting.  I'm so glad I met you!"
- Fran, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

"I'm going to be ok now with my organizational abilities.  It's all thanks to you that I am able to use the tools that you taught me.  I can't thank you enough for all I've learned from you!" 
- Lisa, Ridgewood, NJ (entrepreneur, mother of 2 young children)

"Linda was a great help!  She provided numerous and varied ideas on how to address the 'trouble spots' in my house....the cluttered garage, the disorganized closet, the piles of papers, and some trouble areas I won't easily admit to!  She was patient, objective and non-judgmental.  She helped me understand the motivations behind my clutter and how I could tackle it mentally; she even helped me think through how to organize all of her ideas into a manageable approach.  Thank you Linda!" 
- Susan, Cresskill, NJ


"You have given me so much hope and inspiration for my new life, and I can't thank you enough.  I am so excited about working with you!
- Leslie, Oradell, NJ

"I've been working with Linda since last summer and LOVE her!  She has helped me so much!"

"I love it when you come; last night I was so motivated, and went through those two shelves in my closet of shirts, shorts, other stuff, etc. . . "

- Trish (working professional, mother with 3 young children, Cresskill, NJ)

"We enjoyed having you at our Rosary Altar meeting.  Your Bi-Weekly tip gave me a good idea.  I cut out all these little pieces of paper, e.g., how to clean windows without Windex, how to make your own furniture polish with items you have at home, etc.  I will put these tips in a folder and it will be available whenever I need it instead of fishing through papers!"
- Mary, (retired senior, Tappan, NY)


"Thank you for taking away my STRESS!  Playtime wasn't fun anymore, and cleanup time was always so stressful because we never knew where to put all the stuff.  Now, after working with you, the room is so comfortable, there's a specific place for every toy, and so much room to play!  My kids LOVE their new space!  They can easily find whatever they need and cleanup is a breeze!
- Jeanne, (stay-at-home mother of 2, Bergen County, NJ)

"I can't believe the transformation Linda brought to our garage!  Being the only large space for storage, it became a maze of junk.  Now, from tools to toys to bulk supplies, everything has it's own home and space.  What could barely be walked through at one time, now has room for something even bigger...our car!"
- Patricia (personal trainer and mother of 2, Warwick, NY)

"Making the decision to work with Linda was one of my best yet!  I live in a home where my closet space is less than desirable, and my disorganized ways made things more complicated.  Linda taught and suggested ways to 'Get Organized' and she got creative with how to utilize my small closet space.  Her processes made sense, and her patience and help gave me the tools to organize other challenging areas in my home."
- Alice (married, working professional, Tappan, NY)

"Thanks for everything!  The paper process is working out great!  NO PILES!  So much less stressful!  The best of all, but don't tell my husband, I went to pay those two parking tickets we found, and the woman said that one of them was over a year old!  She was getting ready to put a warrant out for my husband!  He wouldn't have gone to jail of course, but fines would have been doubled.  So consider it a huge success!"
- Mary (executive and mother of two, Bergen County NJ)

"I am a small business owner who has a breakfast/lunch cafe' in Oradell, NJ.  One of my first visions when I opened my place was to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere that feels like home.  One thing that I did to achieve this goal was create a community bulletin board that allowed other local businesses to promote themselves and network.  It was an instant hit and suddenly, everyone was adding flyers, business cards, and posters.  It got so out of control because of the volume and lack of organization.  I had the good fortune to meet Linda and have her help take control of my 'out-of-control' board.  I must admit that Linda's organizational attack of the board far exceeded my expectations.  I gave her the directive to "take the bull by the horns and run with it", and she did just that!  Linda was a pleasure to work with and she completely transformed my bulletin board into a masterpiece!  I would highly recommend Linda for any organizational project."
- Michael Butti (owner of Michael's Bagel Cafe, Oradell, NJ)




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