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Professional Organizing Services

Are you constantly frustrated that your organizing efforts don't last?

Do you wish you had better ideas, better storage, better systems in place so you can live more easily?

Are you about to undertake a remodeling project, and want organizing/functional design help,
and be able to live as stress-free as possible before, during, and after?

Do you need to get your house ready for sale, or want someone to help plan
and manage your move, then unpack and organize your new home?

We're here to help with all this... and more!

You will be able to take control of your time, belongings, paper, and systems for life. Our work together will result in sustainable, versatile, long-term solutions that will give you the incredible relief in being able to say,

"I finally have systems that WORK!"

We are professional and creative, and we customize solutions to your needs, style, and vision for your life.


For Your Home

  • Room Organizing - Closets, Garages, Kids Rooms, Kitchens, Home Offices, Playrooms, Basements, Mudrooms, Bathrooms, Attics, Sheds, and every other space you may have!
  • Household Papers, Processes, & Schedules
  • Life Changing Event Organizing (eg: Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death)
  • Home Renovation: Help with functional design; organize pack-up; setup temporary living spaces to function easily during reno; organize and settle you into your new space.
  • Home Sale/Moving: De-clutter to sell; plan/manage all aspects of your move
  • After a Move: Unpack and organize your new home

For Your Small or Home-Based Business

  • Office Set-Up
  • Paper & File Management
  • Workflow & Business Processes
  • Mobile Office Organizing
  • Documenting Business Processes
  • Process Mapping & Finding Efficiencies

Business Tax Tip!  Your organizing fee may be tax deductible as a Business Expense.  Please consult your tax advisor.

The Typical Step by Step in Working With Us:


  1. Make the call to begin changing your life:  Call us at 201-638-9593 for your FREE 1/2-Hour Phone Consultation.  We will discuss your needs, explain our services, and decide which service is right for you.
  2. Assessment & Planning: After the initial consultation, we will then schedule an on-site session to get you moving towards living an easier life.  We typically start with assessing your areas of concern, identifying your vision, goals, challenges and obstacles, planning your project(s), and giving you resources and immediate ideas for any quick-fixes we can see.  We also teach you the expert hands-on work process that you can do on your own, or together with us (most people want us to lead the projects and work together with them, possibly with some independent homework in-between sessions).
  3. Organizing Session(s): If you choose to have us to do the physical work with you, we will then roll up our sleeves and work side by side with you to implement the plan, using expert organizing techniques to enable you to achieve your goals.

challenges are unique. Our services are flexible to accommodate any style and budget.  Whether it be organizing a few junk drawers, a whole house, or somewhere in-between, we can help. 

                                  Or... just want some ideas?

Perhaps you just want to pick my brain, or need some on-site ideas, tips, and an organizing expert's trained eye. If so, we also offer a purely consultative service - we call it our:
Incredible Ideas Session.  This is a 2 hour tour of any areas of your home or office to brainstorm, ask questions, discuss strategies, and get expert ideas for solutions you can implement on your own.  Give us a call to find out more! 

    Speaking Services

  • Inspiring, Interactive Speaking Engagements & Workshops, such as:
    • "How To Conquer Any Organizing Challenge!"
    • "It's the Simple Things That Can Make Such a Difference:  An Organizing Workshop for Busy Moms."
    • "How To Overcome Procrastination and Get Organized So You Can GET MOVING!"
    • "How To Create a Well-Organized, Rewarding, Paper Management System."
    • "The Psychology of Clutter, and How To Take Control."

Organizing With EASE, LLC primarily serves:  Northern Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY.  Other areas can be served.  Additional travel fee may apply.


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